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  • Crisis Management
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Turnaround Consulting

Promontory Point Partners specializes in helping unprofitable and underperforming companies realize their potential and increase the long-term viability of the enterprise. We don’t just look for quick fixes or cost cutting but rather we focus on creating equity value for the shareholders. Shareholder value is not predicated on one year or one good idea. Rather, real value is created by building sustainable long-term profitability. This has always been our focus and our success based compensation plans put our money where our mouths are. Our rewards are dependent upon our clients achieving their objectives. We can think of no better way to prove our commitment than this.

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Interim Management

Either as part of a turnaround engagement or due to a crisis such as the loss of a business leader, we are prepared to step into senior management roles in almost any company with very little notice. Having served as interim executives for a number of clients, our Partners know what to do when every decision is critical and every move is being scrutinized by your employees, customers and creditors. An experienced hand at the rudder in times of uncertainty can make all of the difference in creating or protecting a business and the wealth of the shareholders. Unlike today’s modern aircraft, there is no “autopilot” for a business.

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Crisis Management

The loss of a major customer, the death of a leader, a bank pulling their credit line or any other number of scenarios can create a crisis for a business. Experience in handling uncertainty and in guiding a company through these treacherous waters is where Promontory Point Partners brings real value to our clients. Most business leaders face a real crisis once or twice in a career. We face them, and triumph over them, in every engagement, every day and every year. Good leaders know their strengths and play to them. Often this means acknowledging a lack of experience in a crisis and bringing in the proper resource to help manage through the situation.

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Profit Improvement

You do not have to wait until your company is losing money in order to benefit from the value that Promontory Point Partners can bring to your company. The same principles that apply to a turnaround apply to a profit improvement situation. The main difference is time. If you address problems early, you have the time to be more systematic about the process and you can plan for changes in a more orderly fashion. There are thousands of business owners who are certain they should be much more profitable but they just cannot seem to achieve their goals. Our experience, knowledge and process will get you where you want to go – world class results! Don’t wait for someone else to tell you your business is sliding into the abyss. Often, by the time they tell you, it might be too late.

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Business Sale Preparation

Many business owners who are considering the sale of their business know, or learn quickly, that their cash flow and EBITDA are not strong enough to warrant the sale price they desire.  In order to maximize the potential proceeds from a sale, Promontory Point Partners will work with business owners to increase cash flow and EBITDA while reducing debt.  Ideally, an owner will begin preparing for a sale 18-36 months prior to their desired exit date.  This allows Promontory Point Partners to improve the business and for enough time to pass to validate that the improvements are permanent.  In this manner, potential buyers will ultimately pay a higher multiple with real, proven cash flow improvements.  Results are always more effective than for an owner “selling” a future forecast of what the business can or should do.  Promontory Point Partners has the experience and skill sets to outline and execute a plan that maximizes the value of the business.

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Strategic Realignment

Many businesses reach a point where their profits are eroding, the industries they serve have changed dramatically and they do not know where to turn. With the increasingly competitive landscape domestically and the ever present threat from China, Mexico or India, many industries are changing rapidly and will never return to the glories of the past. However, most of these companies have the ability to react to this change, adapt their businesses and reinvent themselves to prosper again. The only requirements are the willingness to change and having enough financial strength to make the transition. We provide the guidance that builds confidence in decisions to change and the experience to do so with minimal capital commitments. Realistically, our clients do not have an infinite amount of money by the time they get to us and they don’t need it! If you take action now, we can help you make the transition and regain your confidence. Again, the sooner you react, the higher your likelihood of success and the less painful the changes will have to be.

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