Industrial Products

This client manufactures a variety of products primarily used in the utility, mining, aggregate and minerals industries. In its third generation of family ownership, the company had failed to respond appropriately to changes in the world marketplace and had built up a large overhead burden that was stifling management and innovation. After suffering a consistent slide in profitability and a massive increase in bank debt, the company was facing a bleak future. With the help of Promontory Point Partners, the company was able to streamline its operations, reduce overhead, improve teamwork, upgrade personnel talent and implement a strategy that produced a dramatic increase in profitability. From a best case scenario of break-even in 2002, the company went on to produce operating income of 20% in 2003. This was no one-hit wonder. The company grew its top line in excess of 20% in both 2004 and 2005 while still achieving a 20%+ operating income. Fantastic growth and world-class earnings quality, now there is a turnaround success!