Vibratory Equipment

In its second generation as a family business, this company manufactures equipment which is used in heavy industrial applications such as foundries to move large parts along the production line using vibratory technology. Historically dependent upon the rise and fall of the foundry industry, foreign competition and pressure from domestic auto manufacturers was crushing their customer base. Due to decades of strong profitability and little or no debt, the company had built up a large overhead and was somewhat complacent about reacting to changes in the marketplace. The company lost over $3MM in both 2001 and 2002. With the help of Promontory Point Partners, the management team was able to reduce costs, eliminate all debt and build up a large cash reserve. Through better sales management and diversification strategies, the company has reduced its reliance on the domestic foundry industry and produced operating income of 10% in 2003 and over 12% in 2004. For 2005, the company enjoyed revenue growth of 15% and achieved operating income in excess of 16%.  No debt and double digit operating income percentages as an industrial machinery OEM, now that is performance you can take to the bank!