Business Sale Preparation

Many business owners who are considering the sale of their business know, or learn quickly, that their cash flow and EBITDA are not strong enough to warrant the sale price they desire.  In order to maximize the potential proceeds from a sale, Promontory Point Partners will work with business owners to increase cash flow and EBITDA while reducing debt.  Ideally, an owner will begin preparing for a sale 18-36 months prior to their desired exit date.  This allows Promontory Point Partners to improve the business and for enough time to pass to validate that the improvements are permanent.  In this manner, potential buyers will ultimately pay a higher multiple with real, proven cash flow improvements.  Results are always more effective than for an owner “selling” a future forecast of what the business can or should do.  Promontory Point Partners has the experience and skill sets to outline and execute a plan that maximizes the value of the business.